Foire aux questions

Q1 : How to upload my videos?

To upload videos you need to select the center in which you played on this page:


Q2 : When I want to download my video I get the message : "downloading of this video is unauthorized".

How can I get them back ?


blocage video

Q3 : When I asked my video, I returned to the home page but nothing happens .


If the problem persists , please contact us at 0899 49 42 96.

Q4 : How to apply to the goal of the month competition ?


Q5 : How many videos per day can I download ?

you can download 8 videos per day.

Q6 : How long the videos are available for downloading?

The videos are available for download up to 8 days after your game.

Q7 : I can't not play my video, my video player tells me that the file is incorrect, illegible or incomplete.

Some video players can not read the video format proposed.

Click here to download the VLC player

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